Angus @ Bald Rock

Hiiiiiiiii! I'm Angus and I'm a big black labrador retriever!

I like to go on adventures in the car to places where I can smell everything, do a little swimming, or even play fetch.

Golden Gate Bridge
Here I am at the Golden Gate Bridge

Angus puppy
Here I am as a "small" puppy taking a well deserved nap.

Angus stuck in a frisbee
Even as a small puppy, I liked the frisbees though they didn't like me...

Angus in the sleeping bag
Here I am going camping with my Mommy and Daddy to Castle Crags and I'm about to go to sleep - they even tucked me in!

Angus out of the sleeping bag
Here I am later... who took my covers!??!

Angus and a ball
My favorite activity is playing with the ball, the yellow Buddy Ball being my favorite.  All other balls are inferior.

Angus @ Castle Lake
What's better than playing with ball?  Playing with ball in the water, yeay!!!!

The worst thing is when the ball gets stuck under the bed.  It makes me a sad panda.  Mommy says we're getting a little dog to go retrieve the ball for me soon because I can't reach.

When my parents aren't home, I like to get on their bed and sleep on it.  It is so comfy!

They close the door now so I sleep on the couch in the front living room.  Ut oh, busted!

Thanks for visiting, I'm sure I'll have more antics to show soon!